About Phoenix Soldiers

Phoenix Soldiers - Tactical Gaming Group

The Phoenix SoldiersHere at Phoenix Soldiers we offer players a structured teamwork perspective on tactical military-sim squad based COOP gaming. The goal of PXS is to carry out missions and survive as a team. We do not promote run-n-gun solo nonsense. For those accustomed to the chaos of run-n-gun style of play, we offer basically a new gaming experience.
Realistic Tactics fit to the Context of COOP GamingWe hold Training Sessions that teach everything from Boot Camp basics to Leadership Skills. Our Training Sessions have been structured by one of our members, a former U.S. Army Ranger. With that in mind, our Training Sessions are tailored within the context of our COOP gaming. The Phoenix Soldiers playing style is based on real life tactics, using formations, along with military style radio procedures, which greatly enhances the immersive qualities of the game(s) we play. By utilizing the Phoenix Soldiers approach to COOP gaming, you are left with an intense, realistic, teamwork experience.

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