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Phoenix Soldiers - Tactical Gaming Group

The Phoenix Soldiers

Welcome to the Phoenix Soldiers website.

We like to have fun while following realistic military tactics and doctrines. We are constantly on the lookout for new players that feel the same way. Tactical, is using skill, wits and common sense to achieve your aims efficiently and these aims are to carry out missions and survive it as a team.

Registering and or Joining Phoenix Soldiers

If you are interested in joining Phoenix Soldiers or just registering on our forum, you will first need to fill out a Registration Form for our forums. Then come and have a talk with us on TeamSpeak 3. If you already have TeamSpeak 3 installed you can login to our server by following this Link.

An administrator will review you forum application, upon which point you will be contacted with further details. Our Public Forum is open to all. Come in and mingle in the public forum discussions.

We can also be contacted at

ARMA 2: Addons and Modifications

We are running several ArmA 2 Combined Operations servers. They are all running at least Advanced Combat Environment (A.C.E. 2) and missions that are built for it.

All servers are also running ACRE - Advanced Combat Radio Environment. ACRE gives us almost realistic military radios for in-game comunications.

ACRE uses TeamSpeak 3's crystal clear voice communication from within ARMA 2.

Servers and Six Updater

Here are the Six Updater links for downloading the mods for our servers:

Phoenix Soldiers Events server - Phoenix Soldiers ACE+Mods - Phoenix Soldiers ACE - Phoenix Soldiers MSO

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